How To Survive Being Sick

It is no joke being sick in the wintertime, especially in the middle of December, like me. While I am grateful that this has hit me before our annual family Christmas trip to Whistler, I am bummed that my sore throat has made my voice sound like a boy going through puberty. Thankfully, the symptoms are not as bad as if I had a flue or cold, but still the coughing is annoying. I do take cough, cold, and flu medicine when the symptoms are really bad, but when they are manageable, I like to take a more natural approach to getting better. 

The natural way may not work as quickly as medicine, but it definitely helps to make me feel better. I’m talking about tea’s from David’s tea and honey. This is my latest remedy for dealing with a sore throat, and a little bit of a runny nose. The two tea’s I have are North African Mint and Cold 911. These tea’s are not only great tasting, but also really help with symptoms.

I have been using Cold 911 for years and absolutely love the flavour of it and have to say that it really does help with cold symptoms. This tea relieves a runny nose, sore throat, and even helps me sleep as there is no caffeine in it. It helps with coughs as well, especially when I use honey in it. I mean, when I am sick I tend to put honey in all tea (which I drink a lot of whenever I’m sick), because it helps with the sore throat even more than just the tea.

The North African Mint flavour is also delicious and with ingredients like ginger and liquorice, it is great for a sore throat. This tea also has a little caffeine in it so it is great for drinking in the morning with honey so that I can make it through the day. I definitely need my caffeine in the morning or else I am a zombie the whole day so this tea is great for me and my cough, even though the caffeine is minimal.

Both of these tea’s have been my life savers this past week and have really helped with the symptoms. I haven’t been sick enough that I feel run down, so I wanted to avoid actual medicine. But combining these two tea’s with soup and rest has been great! I finally started feeling like myself earlier this week and my raspy voice sounded a bit more normal too, which was nice. I highly recommend getting these and other varieties of teas from Davids Tea that are targeted towards colds and also detox tea, and just every day goodness tea that tastes amazing!

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