I Ordered Off Ilymix – Was It Worth It?

So once again, I fell victim to the calling of online shopping. Seriously, this is what happens when I have down time at work. Some might say I have a problem and you know what? I agree. My problem is that I need more money so I can buy all the things I want! But that is a different topic. I ordered two pairs off Ilymix, one pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses. I had never heard of this site before and was offered 2 free pairs of my choosing and all I had to pay was the shipping (I don’t actually remember how or why I got this deal). I figured it was worth a shot and decided I wouldn’t go through with it if shipping was insanely expensive, so I hopped on the site and browsed.

I really liked what I saw! I mean, there were some styles that were a bit out there, but for the most part there were a lot that I really liked. I was impressed, not by the lack of availability though because there were a lot of styles that were sold out (I guess they gave this promo to a lot of influencers and I wasn’t quick enough, typical). I got so excited when I chose my two styles and found out shipping was only around $20 (products came from China so I figured this was reasonable) and would arrive in 5-10 business days. They came rather quickly because clearly my luck has not yet run out with this online ordering thing, and I was so excited to get home and see what they were like.

I opened the box and already liked what I saw. I mean, I didn’t get the personalized note that other influencers have gotten, but it didn’t matter much to me. I opened up the first pair, which were the glasses, and immediately loved them! I put them on and was so happy! Granted, I do need to get proper lenses because I have a mild prescription and wearing non-prescriptions for a day did end up not being to great for me, but they looked amazing so I didn’t care about that!

I would definitely recommend Ilymix to anyone who is looking for some trendy, cute shades or glasses at a reasonable price for the quality. If you use my affiliate link http://ilymix.refr.cc/romeaa you can get $15 off your purchase! Honestly, I would not recommend this website if it was not good and the products were not up to par. Keep in mind I have had a lot of good luck with online shopping and my order came faster than they said it would (by one day, but still). I am really happy with my purchase and definitely will be purchasing again.




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*Disclaimer: Please note that I was not asked by the brand to post a review about the products. I wrote this review on my own and would not put an affiliate link in if I did not agree with the brand or the quality of the product.

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