I Ordered Off JustFab – Was It Worth It?

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If you have not seen the Instagram ads, or the TV commercials, and don’t know what JustFab is, I am here to tell you. It is this amazing website where you can order shoes for less than what you would pay in a store. Say what?! Less than ALDO or Steve Madden prices? Or even Spring?? Yes.ย  Even less than Spring Shoes. At first I was hesitant to purchase, I mean, how long could my lucky streak of ordering off inexpensive websites last? But I couldn’t help myself (probably because I have a shopping addiction) and after basically drooling over all the cute shoes, I bit the bullet and ordered four pairs of shoes.

I justified that four pairs was a good amount, plus the free one year magazine subscription to Style at Home as a bonus. I submitted my info and patiently waited a week for my items to arrive. Now, I am not a patient person, especially when I have to wait days for something like a package, so needless to say, I was overly excited when the box finally came to my work and had to fight all my urges to open it right then and there. So when I finally got home I couldn’t wait to tear open the box and see my new purchases! I eagerly opened the box, but not too eagerly because I still had to film a try-on and I wanted a genuine reaction (I will put the link to my video below).

As I opened the boxes one by one to view my new shoes, I was so pleasantly surprised. Once I tried them on, I was even more surprised in the best way! They were all so comfortable and fit perfectly, they were true to size and that was also a great factor because I had never ordered from there but it was nice to know that the shoes were true to size and not too big or too small. I could not believe my luck! Sometimes I will get that little bit of anxiety that I bought something online that would not fit or just look awful on me, but so far I have been having the best experiences! I am seriously waiting for the day my luck runs out, but hopefully that day does not come too soon.

Anyways, without further ado, I present to you my fabulous shoes from JustFab!

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21 thoughts on “I Ordered Off JustFab – Was It Worth It?

  1. I also get anxiety when ordering things online. I’m an odd fit for many things, but it always is the best feeling when that item comes in the mail and fits perfectly! Glad you found some winners!

    Alyssa | ninethreezero.blogspot.com

  2. Ordering online for me is so complex my sizes never add up right haha. But I love the bottom two pairs and great post ๐Ÿ˜˜ come check out my page if your interested in positivity, motivation or life coaching crazybeautifulblogs.com

    1. Thank you! Yah, it was a little nerve-wracking and I was worried I would have to return the sizes, but I have had some luck and this site fits pretty true to size!

  3. Hooray for having everything work out! I am so nervous about ordering shoes online because it seems like there’s always a back and forth to find the correct size.

    1. That is awesome!! Whenever anyone is skeptical of online shopping I tell them that there are risks that you won’t get the sizing right but when you do it’s totally worth it!

  4. I totally get online ordering anxiety! especially for shoes and have actually gone on JustFab so many times, added the ones i wanted and then backed out because #shoeshoppingonlineanxiety hahaha SO glad I read this!!!

    1. I HIGHLY recommend JustFab! It was my first time ordering from them and I’m hooked! The commercials for it are pretty accurate because pretty soon I am going to need my own shoe room! haha

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