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Online shopping has taken over like crazy the last few years, and for good reason. You can literally buy anything and everything online! Not only that, but you can purchase whatever you want from WHEREVER you are! I have purchased my fair share of clothing online, and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised (after I figured out how to properly decipher my size)! I used to be the type of person who was so sceptical of buying anything online, just because I am impatient and was worried that it would not be the same as what I saw online. I also did not want to purchase something I had not tried on because if I got it and it did not fit, I would not have been happy.

One day, I bit the bullet and just purchased clothing off a site called Lulus. My best friend had purchased off there and had a great experience, so I decided to follow suit. I got my package of clothes and for my first time purchasing online, it was a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, the pieces I ordered were amazing! but of all the dresses I ordered I kept one thing: the hat. It was my own fault, I did not look at the sizing charts and just ordered what I thought would be my size in everything. Half the items were too big, the other half were too small. I decided not to order online again for a long time.


A whole year went by before I tried online ordering shopping again (I was getting tired of adding things to a cart and never checking out). When I finally did decide maybe it was time for another go at it, I had learnt to properly check sizing and use a measuring tape to know my measurements compared to the models in the clothes. It does help that some sites, like Lulus, tell you what size the model is wearing and her measurements so you can compare. I actually kept everything from that haul and loved it so much and it all fit exactly how the site said it would, which was a huge relief.


There are other sites that I have ordered off of where the clothes come straight from China. Romwe, Cupshe, Shein, and Zaful are all sites where the clothes are all the same on them, but ever so slightly different prices, but the clothes come from the same manufacturer. A lot of people have had some awful experiences with these sites, as per my research, and they think the sites might be scams but I have had pretty good experiences! Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I in no way expected to get designer quality clothes when I was paying like CAD$10 for a dress. But these are clothes that I expect to wear for a short while and then give to charity because its where I get trendy things from.


The first “shady” website I ordered from was Cupshe. I made the mistake of reading reviews AFTER I ordered from the site, so I was naturally terrified my order was going to be one of those that never arrives. Luckily, I got my order within 2 weeks. So far, so good. I eagerly opened up the package to see what I bought and if it would fit or not. Everything looked good, except for maybe 4 pieces (out of like 9 or 10) that either did not fit, or were having threads come out. The only downside to this was that the return shipping was about $50 and they do not cover it. I was paying less than $20 for everything I ordered individually so I couldn’t complain about the quality.

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I then ordered from Romwe twice after that and recently have ordered from Shein. I have gotten smart about my ordering and will order items that I know will least likely be ones that will fall apart in the wash or items that are not over CAD$25. Every time I have ordered off these websites, I have always gotten my items within a week or two. Trust me, I am always shocked and I keep praying I don’t jinx myself and have an awful 2-month waiting period like other people. These sites are suuuuuper affordable, but the clothing quality is not amazing, so you definitely get what you pay for, so please be realistic when you order from them. Don’t expect designer quality with a thrifty price tag.

I am NOT being sponsored by these brands, nor am I getting any incentives from them to post about their products. I just wanted to discuss some of the sites I have ordered off of in hopes that it will give you all some insight into it.

Some other sites worth mentioning that I have had friends order off of with good experiences are: ASOS, BooHoo, Vici, Tobi, and MissGuided.

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8 thoughts on “Online Shopping – My Opinion

  1. I was super skeptical to purchase stuff online too, but now it is such a blessing! Amazon is a good friend of mine 😝 and my business is solely online. I haven’t really purchased clothing online though (probably because the sizes worry me) but I’m sure I’ll get into it one day.

    1. I have to get on Amazon, I have never purchased from there! Usually the only thing I buy online is clothes but I try to do the most thorough job of checking sizes and comparing to my own measurements. Once I got the hang of it I mainly purchase my clothes online now!

  2. I rarely shop online and only then I purchase my clothing from Forever 21 or similar stores. I’m glad that you have been lucky with those online shops because I got screwed over by Rosegal so I’m very cautious now.
    Great article 🙂

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about that! But thank you for the kind words! I have heard some horror stories about some online sites and am so thankful I have not had any bad experiences. But I am always super cautious about material and sizes.

    1. I am always pleasantly surprised when I order from them! Just make sure to really check the measurements and sizing. But it is definitely worth it for the price you pay for the clothes!

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