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It’s been a while, but I am back! I have had to deal with moving and preparing for a long trip, which is why there were no posts the last week or two, I just did not have the time, but I am back now from the brief hiatus! I thought, why not write a post about moving? If any of you fine folk have ever moved before, you know the struggle is real, and if any of you have not moved before, this will be a great read so that you can be prepared for what is to come because it is not going to be as easy as drinking beer and eating pizza (although for tip number one, those are good to bribe friends into helping you).

Now, I want to start by saying that I am no expert on the matter. I have only moved 3 times in my whole life as an adult. I was in my childhood home for around 21 years, then went to my grandparents house for 7 years, then to my apartment for 2, and now I am back at my grandparents house until I find a new place. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to moving again, especially after spending time abroad, which is why I left my apartment and set up shop with my lovely grandparents again. But I won’t have to worry about that for a couple of months, which is great. That being said, it does kind of suck that I am half living out of boxes before and after my vacation, but at least it will make moving everything again in a couple of months a tiny bit easier (not counting all my clothes that I have unpacked and will have to re-pack).

One thing that is important when moving is to keep track of your items. This is probably even the most important thing! I can’t say how many times I have had to stop what I’m doing and really think hard about where I packed something. Which brings me to the first and most important tip I have.

Remember What You Packed

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Now, I know I had not moved as much as other people, but the few times I have, I promise you I have lost something. It literally feels like I go crazy and then start thinking that a poltergeist has popped up and taken something I have packed out of a box and put it in an abyss of some kind. This has happened with items from headphones to cookware, and even though I always end up finding it (except I never did find those headphones), the period of time where I feel like ripping open every box and making a mess is extremely stressful.

There are ways of keeping track, like making cue cards and taping them to boxes with lists of everything inside for those SUPER organized individuals, to just labelling a box ‘pots and pans’ or ‘books, A-G’ for those who are less detail-oriented. I’m one of the people who simply labels the box without a list, however, I have learned to put very similar items in each box but honestly, making lists seems like a better idea for a scatterbrain like me. There are even other ways like taking a photo of the box or the items in the box before they go in and get sealed so that you have a visual.

Do Not Overpack The Boxes

On top of making sure the boxes are properly sealed so that the bottom does not burst open, it is important to not overpack the boxes so they are super heavy. This will also ensure that the box doesn’t collapse and fall apart, also making sure that you don’t throw out your back when picking it up, or the backs of your friends you have cleverly bribed to help you. Not only are you saving a visit to the chiropractor, but also making sure that the items in the box don’t break under pressure. I’m talking about glassware or plates that could crack if there is too much packed in the box.

This tip comes in handy when packing clothes and books. It goes without saying, I think, that books weigh a lot. One piece of paper doesn’t weigh anything, but thousands? Yah, it weights a lot and you don’t want to have a hundred pound box of books to move around. Same thing with clothes. It always blows my mind how much a bunch of clothes weighs. Have you ever packed a large suitcase for a week long vacation (or in my case, bringing Big Bertha, my pink suitcase packed to the brim for a 3-day stay in Vegas)? Just think about how heavy that suitcase is and how worried you get when putting it on the scale at the airport, praying that it docent go over the limit so you don’t have to pay the extra fee. Think of that feeling when you are packing away your closet.

** If you have anything in drawers, don’t unpack it. Drawers are pretty moving-friendly and it saves you having to get more boxes!

Newspaper Comes In Handy

When packing away your valuable and breakable items, not everyone has bubble wrap handy, and it can be quite expensive to buy at the store. Don’t worry, there is a solution in the form of newspaper. There are tons of places that you can grab a bunch of newspapers for free, like the lobby of your apartment, free newspaper bins, or even if those aren’t options for you, they don’t cost much at the store and it will be way cheaper than buying bubble wrap. This really comes in handy when stacking plates and bowls, or wrapping up glasses to stack. While the newspaper does not completely prevent cracks or breakage (especially if you drop a box down a flight of stairs) but it will help! A lightly packed box fell out of my car and nothing in it broke because of the way it was stacked inside and the newspaper helped for sure! Granted I did wrap with more that one page of paper because I wanted the extra protection because I am paranoid, but it still worked.

IKEA Furniture Can Disassemble

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Got yourself some IKEA furniture or any type of furniture that you had to assemble yourself? Hopefully you have kept the instructions! Anything big like a bed frame you can take apart and rebuild in your new place. Don’t have the instruction manual? Not to worry, you can always find it online! This will make moving a little easier because if you have access to an SUV or truck, or can fit big pieces in your car because you won’t have to worry too much about renting a moving truck, which will save you money. Unless you still have to get one for a larger mattress.

You might want some help with re-assembly though seeing as putting together furniture is already a pain in the butt, taking it apart and putting it back together can’t be any easier. Also, smaller items, I wouldn’t even bother taking them apart, but that’s just me.

Use Time If You Have It

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Thankfully for me, I had a month to move mine and my boyfriends belongings because we just had to bring it to my grandparents house, as oppose to boxing everything up and moving it all in one day to a new apartment. To be fair, we didn’t put the time we had available to the best use and left everything to the last couple of days. This is why I can’t stress enough that if you have time to move from one place to another because you don’t have to be out of your current place until the end of the month or something and you have already secured your new place and are able to move in, take the time to slowly move everything. I promise you this will make everything so much easier and way less stressful, learn from my mistake!

Have A Plan of Attack

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Go in with a solid plan of what to pack first, last, and what you will need. This comes in handy if you have time to move. Don’t pack the things you will need, like your every-day items in your bathroom or kitchen until the very end because obviously you will need to use your toothbrush and, I don’t know, utensils of eating? But regardless, it is a good idea to leave these types of items until moving day. If you have boxes, pack things that you won’t use day-to-day like decor, books, dvd’s, clothes that are not in season, just because it will make it easier (going back to not leaving everything to the last minute).

When There Are No Friends To Bribe

On your moving day, if you don’t have a vehicle that will fit everything in it or friends with such vehicles that you could bribe with pizza and beer, you will probably need to rent a moving truck. Sometimes they are not that expensive, I would recommend doing research in advance so you can find a company that has good reviews, especially if you are using movers because you want them to take care of your things. I had movers only once when I moved into my apartment because no one of my friends or family had a vehicle big enough to move the couch I took from my grandparents place. I looked up inexpensive movers because it was just one item and found a company that had decent reviews and was only $75. I should have known better because they almost refused to get the couch in the apartment and I had to tell them how to do their job getting it through the apartment door, and to top it off they ripped the fabric on the couch (thankfully in a place that was not visible) and put a dent in the doorway scratching off the paint. So this is why I can’t stress enough to do research on movers because sometimes there is a reason the price is too good to be true.

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These have been my tips for moving based on my experiences. Obviously I am no expert, especially because I have only moved a couple of times, but these are my guidelines and what I have learned based on mistakes I have made. If you have any tips of your own, please leave them in the comments below!

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