Ugly Sweater Christmas

Can anyone really say they did the holidays right without having at least one ugly Christmas sweater, or going to one party where someone is wearing one? Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become such a novelty for the holidays. They used to be strictly vintage and while that is still the case where people get their sweaters from vintage and second hand stores, there are stores that sell brand new, tacky, hilarious sweaters that are sure to catch everyones eye.

There are sweaters that light up, sweaters catered to youth, sweaters that use superhero characters, I could go on. I find that the best places to find these sweaters are in vintage stores, it just seems more traditional! The newer sweaters are fine too, my sister got one that lights up and everyone got a good laugh out of it at our family dinner. It was just entertaining family fun, except for Santa’s butt sticking out on the bottom right of her sweater…that was interesting. As you can see from the photo above, I am a little unsure how I feel about the sweater itself. I enjoyed the tackiness, but the butt thing made me a little concerned.

I highly recommend shopping in vintage stores, although sometimes the sweaters can be a bit pricey. I have found ones at Value Village for reasonable and a few hidden gem thrift stores around Vancouver, where I live, and generally they run for about $25 or less, depending on the amount of design work. My sister got hers that lights up from Urban Planet, which is also a great store for some tacky sweaters for the holidays.

While I can’t see sweaters that can be found in thrift stores online as every store will have unique pieces, below are some photos of Ugly Christmas Sweaters that I have found online on Amazon, Urban Planet, Urban Behaviour (which is the same), and other various websites. I hope you get some great ideas and make it the tackiest holidays ever!
Urban Planet

These are some examples of the sweaters you can purchase from these stores and online. There are a couple of repeats, but all these sweaters are hilarious, fun, some might be a little crude, but they are all sure to please at any holiday party and maybe a family function (the not-so crude ones that is).

Let me know in the comments below if there are any places you go to for ugly sweater shopping! As always, give the site a follow for updates and don’t forget to follow my social media accounts!

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