30-Day Workout Challenge

30-Day Workout Challenge

Like one of my last articles regarding things to do to keep busy during this difficult time, I thought I would write about a couple of different “challenges” that are circulating the internet and Pinterest. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed the endless amounts of home workout posts, or maybe you are the one posting them, either way it is crazy how fit people are being! On the other hand, I have been absolutely lazy this entire time. This clearly should change because all I ever seem to do is stuff my face and then complain about being overweight. The long walks are not enough, so I decided to look for a couple of 30-day challenges to do.

Many years ago I did a 30-day squat challenge. It was so easy and kind of fun because I liked to feel like it was a competition almost (with myself, but still). The plus side was that it actually worked and I got a perkier butt. So, I thought why not try it out again? But this time I would do more than one (before anyone rolls their eyes that I am only doing two, I don't think I could handle more at this time). This is a big deal considering I hate working out and as any of my friends would tell you, I can’t stick to a workout plan to save my life because of it. This is why I figure I would start small and work my way up to something harder; thus being the 30-Day challenges. They allow you to start small and build up to more intensity as it goes on, while allowing for rest days.

I need my whole body to be more fit and lose some serious weight that I have gained, and not just from quarantine. I chose two 30-day challenges to do. One is full body and one is for abs. Both of these challenges have the same rest days, which I have chosen will be days that I go on a really long walk (because apparently the only running I CAN do is on a treadmill while watching the Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules and I don’t have one at home). Currently I am going on day five and maybe it is just my imagination, but I feel like I am already seeing results!


Today was my first rest day and I went for a longer walk than I usually do staring at all the pretty houses in my neighbourhood (as usual), daydreaming about one day having a house of my own with a yard (let's be real, I don't want to be in an apartment forever). I have been feeling great so far and I love that the workouts gradually go from short and sweet to more intense. Ab workouts are my favourite as well (next to cardio) so I am glad that I am doing an ab challenge on top of a full body workout because they both have moves tailored to the core. These two workouts have been so easy so far and make me feel great after! I have had to modify the pushups and dips because my shoulder will not allow it until it is fully healed. What I have done instead of those was changed it to a seated tricep press with only a five pound weight. This has worked so far and thankfully the planks are manageable. 

Now, hopefully this does enough that when I show a before and after photo at the end of this there is at least a little bit of a difference. I’m not planning on seeing results that take me from the Michelin man to Victoria’s Secret model, but if I can shed at least 5-10 pounds (maybe even that is too ambitious) I will be happy. At least it’s something to keep me busy for now. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even keep the 30-day challenges going, maybe.


Romea Cristina

Ab Challenge photo: 30daychallenges.com

Full Body Challenge photo: mommart.blogspot.com

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I enjoyed reading your post on 30 days challenges. I agree that it isn’t easy but it looks like you put your mind to it and taking on the challenge. Good for you! I’ll be cheering you on!


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