Holiday Gift Series - Part 1

Holiday Gift Series - Part 1

The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means...time to buy your loved ones gifts. If you are like me and find this to be the hardest thing to do and just end up wanting to buy everything for yourself so you feel better about how hard it is to shop for others, don't fret. I am here to help bring some ideas to the table. Now, there are a few people on everyone's list, some harder to shop for than others, so I thought best to break it down by individual(s) in a series to make it easy and give more than a couple ideas.

Mom and Grandma are two very special ladies that are probably going to love anything you get for them, but there are so many things to get other than a card and some flowers. Scroll down and see if anything sparks up your interest and will be something they will absolutely love, cherish, and remember for years to come!

Does she like to bake? Get a cake or cookie recipe (or anything really) and put together all the dry ingredients into a mason jar with the recipe and instructions attached. All she will have to do is add the wet ingredients and bake for a delicious treat!


Get a personalized calendar filled with photos of the family so every month or week she can enjoy looking at all the loving faces of the family while keeping track of birthdays and appointments. There are tons of shops on Etsy that offer this, or even Vistaprint and Cosco!

Are they always losing their keys, phone, or remote? Get the Tile Mate Bluetooth enabled tracker! Perfect for someone who is always misplacing their much-needed items (like my grandma with her car keys). Get it on Amazon.

Is she a coffee or tea drinker? Why not get her an Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. Now, they can be a little pricey, coming in at $179.95CA (WTF?!) but there are some less expensive options on Amazon because let’s face it, even though she’s worth it, we aren’t all made of money.

How about a gift that keeps on giving? Get her a monthly subscription box. There are ones you can pre-pay for and she can decide if it is something she wants to continue or not. They are usually $50 or less and come packed with items worth way more than that! There are boxes for beauty products (like Birchbox), food (Universal Yums is snacks from all over the world), clothes (like Stitch Fix), wine (Winc Wine Club and even some wineries offer this option) and more!


Has she lived in the same house for-basically-ever? There are amazing custom house portraits that you can have made from various sellers on Etsy that look beautiful and are so personal like the one pictured below by EsteeRoseDesigns.

A Diffuser set is always a great idea, in my opinion. It’s also safer than candles in case you have a forgetful mother or grandmother who may forget to blow out the candle (trust me, it happens). Saje has amazing sets for the holidays and their diffusers are reasonably priced and super cute.

Speaking of keeping calm and stress-free, how about a bath bomb gift set? The ultimate relaxation to sit with some candles and a glass of wine in the bath with some calming music and no interruptions. Add a colourful and calming-scented bath bomb and it’s like heaven. Lush has amazing bath bombs that will either fizz or create fun bubbles and the best part is that they are a cruelty-free, vegan brand that is all about ethically sourcing and not testing on animals!

Want to get real sentimental? Urban Outfitters has these adorable books where you can fill in the blanks. All about how much you love the person you are gifting it to and why, along with some spots to write in things about specific events in both your lives that you experienced together. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for less than $15.

Even though Mom and Grandma are probably the most important ladies in your life, they will most likely love anything you get for them. 

We also have some cute mugs and wine glasses coming to the site soon so stay tuned for them! They will be just in time for holiday shopping and can be customizable as well. Check out our Instagram page @romea.cristina for updates on launch dates!


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