Holiday Gift Series - Part 2

Holiday Gift Series - Part 2

I don't know about you, but I find that Dad's and Grandpa's everywhere are a couple of the easiest dudes to shop for. Well, probably not if you are reading this post. I find the men in my family are happy with a really nice bottle of wine, some socks, or even a nice sweater (so there's 3 ideas for you - we are off to a great start).

We might as well start with the basics. Custom glassware is always a hit. Whether it's a wine glass, coffee mug, or even an etched rocks glass, they will be sure to love it. This set pictured below is from an Etsy shop and the glass comes in a box with whiskey stones! The shop is DSGiftStudio.


Do they have a moustache that could rival Tom Selleck, or a beard that rivals Santa? Even if they prefer to be clean shaven, a grooming kit always makes a great gift! Jack Black (not the actor) has a bunch of gift sets that are perfect for the man who loves to groom (or even needs a little push to get that beard tamed)! Head to to see their lineup!

 Something I think is super cool for dad or grandpa is a personalized laser-cut photo statuette. There are tons of them that can be found on Etsy and the maker will take your photo and create a small statuette out of it! How cool is that?! The one pictured below is by PhotoStatuettes.

Head over to to get a personalized sign for his garden! You can get anything put on it from family members and how far away they are from the house, to dates each family member was born. If he has a garden that he loves, this is a perfect accessory!

Does he love to cook? Uncommon Goods also has this amazing Family Cookbook that is sure to put a smile on his face! It has space for photos, family reviews, and much more. The best part is that anyone will be able to re-create his special recipes!

Is he super handy with everything and loves to fix things? why not get him a personalized hammer? This shop on Etsy engraves them with sweet messages so he will always be thinking of how much you love him when he is working on something for you.

One of the best gifts you can give for dad or grandpa (in my opinion)? A heating shiatsu foot massager. These things are seriously the best. I have used them many times and it is the next best thing to having an actual foot massage. They can be a little pricier, but so worth it (and maybe he will let you use it too).

For the Grill Master in your life? Get him an epic grill tool set. Sure to get him smiling and excited to barbecue up some delicious food for the family. Who wouldn't be excited to eat some classic BBQ meat and [or] veggies made with love.

Did this post give you some ideas? I mean, you could still always go with some socks, but maybe get him some Stance socks with fun images instead of just the Costco bundle size (which are pretty comfy and great value too, though). They deserve the best, from the best!

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