Holiday Gift Series - Part 3

Holiday Gift Series - Part 3

In this installment of my Holiday Gift Giving Series I wanted to discuss what to get your co-worker. This can be a difficult task because if you are new to the company, you may not know anyone well enough to figure out what to get them for a Secret Santa and you could also get the one person in the office you don't like, or get the pickiest person to shop for. Not to worry though, this is why I have created this series: to help everyone get the perfect gift for those people who are especially difficult to shop for!

 Whether you draw a specific name from a hat or draw a gift from a pile, office gifts can be tricky. You have to find the right gift for the right price which, let's be honest, is NOT easy when your limit is $20 sometimes. I have divided the gifts between the types of people you can have in an office, so let us dive right in.

The Boss: Depending whether or not you like your boss it is probably best to get them a decent gift in comparison to everyone else (except maybe your office bestie). If you have an amazing boss who treats you well, then a good gift is going to make his or her day and will be extra special. If you are thinking you want to stray away from the usual bottle of wine or even a mug, you could get them a custom coaster set for their office or even a charging stand!


The Organizer: This person is the champion of organization and bordering (if not completely) OCD. Everything is labelled and they freak if something goes missing. Poppin makes super fun office products that are an organizers dream! Perfect to brighten up this persons space. Chances are this person is also a germaphobe as well, so why not an anti-touch door opener keychain? Perfect for these pandemic times.


The Life of the Office: This is the person that everyone can count on to make well-timed jokes, the one everyone wants to hang around, and the one who no matter what will put a smile on your face. This person deserves a good gift that will put a smile on THEIR face. If they like games, try mini games like mini desk bowling or a mini magnetic dart board. Another great gift could be some bourbon infused coffee because who doesn't need a little extra to get them through the work day?


The Office Karen: You know exactly who I mean and if you are unfortunate enough to get this person as your Secret Santa then look no further for ideas! Chances are this individual may or may not (but probably) is super into cats, so why not get them some cat themed sticky notes? Really, any cat themed gift will do. How about a Keep Calm book so maybe they can take the hint and calm the f@^k down! Or, you could always just re-gift something from your house that you don't want.

The 5-O-Clocker: You know the person I mean. The one who can't wait until the end of the work day so they can get home to crack open a bottle of vino and probably sit in front of bad tv because the day is so exhausting. How about a sassy mug? Not just any sassy mug mind you, a whopping 20oz one that you can easily fill with treats! Another cute idea is an office survival kit (also good for the office grump). There are so many versions on Etsy and you can get them for any occasion or even personalize your own!


The Preachy Vegan: This person can be up there with the Office Karen sometimes. Whether you eat meat or not, no-one needs to hear about it all day long, or be pressured into following suit. For this person I would recommend a collapsible reusable straw so they can continue saving the environment or get them reusable produce bags. If you really like them and they have a funny bone, I would even do a funny graphic tee.


So this should give you an idea of some gifts to get for your coworkers (at least the ones who you don't usually hang with). I know I always have a hard time buying for coworkers and work Secret Santa, cuz if you aren't hanging with them every lunch hour or happy hour, how can you know what they truly like? Most of these gifts are under $30 too so it will be perfect if there are limits to how much you spend for gifts.

Hope this helps all of you helpless gift givers! Stay tuned for part 4 coming later this week and keep checking the site for new arrivals!

Romea Cristina

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