Hi! my name is Romea and I’m a creative based out of Vancouver, Canada who has been passionate about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products since I was a child. Having faced some struggles in my life, I never felt like I could be that person to leave a 9-5 and pursue my passion.

However, several years ago I decided to create a blog in my free time to get my creative energy going! As a blogger, I was constantly on the prowl for the highest quality fashion and lifestyle products to review. The only problem? Whenever I purchased anything, my inner entrepreneur was constantly telling me ways in which I could make the products better - from materials, patterns, price point, and quality.

After coming home from the most amazing trip to South East Asia, I got the final bit of inspiration that I needed to dive into the deep end and create the Romea Cristina brand. I wanted to create lifestyle products using materials that supported local businesses. Materials that were durable, high quality, and most importantly, I wanted to create products that were trendy!

I started by creating hair scrunchies. I went out and bought some fabric, thread, elastic and just started sewing. After some trial and error and many YouTube tutorials later, I finally got the perfect method down for myself and used every spare second I had to sew. At first I just gave them to my girlfriends and sister as gifts, but I quickly expanded and decided to grow my business. Since then, I’ve created my own website and expanded my product line! It has been such a journey over the last couple years and every minute has been totally worth it.


Romea Cristina

Instagram: @romeaambrosi